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California’s Powerball Lotto Draw Today Is Worth $40,000,000

California’s Powerball Lotto Draw Today Is Worth $40,000,000

The California Powerball draw for this Wednesday, 23 July totals a whopping $40,000,000. For a ticket price of only $2 to participate, there’s no good reason to miss out on this incredible opportunity.

Players ned only to pick six numbers when buying their tickets, 5 standard numbers from a field of 1-45 and one Powerball number from a field of 1-10.

California’s Powerball Lotto Draw Today Is Worth $40,000,000

Get your tickets before the deadline to have a shot at grabbing the $40,000,000 Powerball jackpot prize for yourself.

Players can even enjoy participating in multiple draws with one purchase. Up to 10 consecutive plays can be enjoyed on a single ticket purchase by simply marking the Advance Play box. That’s a great level of convenience to enjoy.

Quick Pick is also an available option if one doesn’t wish to select all the numbers themselves.

This option will have players receive a field of randomly selected numbers, generated by RNG software either online or at a licenced retail location.

As many as 43,000 players won a prize in the last Powerball draw, ranging from a $3 win all the way to the one lucky player who purchased the winning $60,000,000 Powerball jackpot ticket.

All it takes is matching the Powerball number to receive the most modest prize.

With less than a day remaining until the next draw, you’ll have to move fast to get your ticket purchase complete before the $40,000,000 might be won by someone else.

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