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Nationally Lottery Jackpot Draw Wednesday Worth £2.1 Million

Nationally Lottery Jackpot Draw Wednesday Worth £2.1 Million

The UK’s biggest millionaire-making lotto game is ready to make it happen again with Wednesday’s draw featuring a £2.1 million jackpot.

Pick your six numbers from the available field of 1-49 and purchase a ticket to be in the drawing Wednesday, 23 July.

Nationally Lottery Jackpot Draw Wednesday Worth £2.1 Million

Wednesday, 23 July will feature another National Lottery Jackpot Draw, this time worth £2.1 million.

In addition to the £2.1 million jackpot, another 50 cash prizes will be awarded to the tune of £20,000. Matching just three numbers is all it takes to qualify for a cash prize. However, it’ll take you matching all 5 regular picks and the one bonus number to win the jackpot.

Tickets can be purchased online or at licenced retailers across the UK and tickets can be purchased in advance up to 8 weeks. That means you can pre-pick your draws for nearly 2 months. Never worry about missing your favourite lotto draw again due to travel or vacation plans.

If you aren’t sure what numbers you’d like to play, go for a Lucky Dip and have the random number generation software pick a field of randomly chosen number for each ticket you purchase.

Tickets cost only £2 each. Pick yours up today and play for Wednesday’s £2.1 million lotto jackpot.

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