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Will the New $30 Lottery Scratch Ticket Be a Success?

Will the New $30 Lottery Scratch Ticket Be a Success?

On the 22nd of April 2014, the Massachusetts State Lottery introduced a new $30 World Class Millions lottery ticket.

Will the New $30 Lottery Scratch Ticket Be a Success?

The Massachusetts State Lottery released a new $30 ‘World Class Millions’ ticket on the 22nd of April and sales are doing well.

According to one of their officials, sales of this new ticket have been going very well and to date, this new ticket is the highest priced game in the state’s lottery offering.

Other states have been offering $30 scratch cards for a while now such as Connecticut which introduced $30 tickets in 2002 while Texas even offers a $50 scratch card.

This new ticket has 10 winning numbers located at the top of the big scratch ticket with 30 potential matching numbers below. The big prize is $15 million including thirty six $1 million instant winners.

According to the executive director of the Massachusetts Lottery, Beth Bresnahan, the new $30 scratch ticket, could potentially earn a net profit of $86.8 million for the state over the life of the game. Last year, the lottery returned over $950 million to Massachusetts towns and cities.

According to scratchers, if they need to pay more for the scratch ticket, then they expect bigger prizes. Some citizens commented, however, that $30 is a lot of money to spend on the lottery when most usually only budget $5 at a time.

Bresnahan stated that the lottery commission had studied if consumers would purchase the more expensive ticket and it seems that the appeal is the second chance opportunity offered on the card. That is, players get five more chances to win $1 million.

So maybe buy a $30 lottery ticket and you just might be a lucky winner!

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