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Pennsylvania Lottery Winner Throws Away $1.25 million Golden Ticket

Pennsylvania Lottery Winner Throws Away $1.25 million Golden Ticket

In a curious combination of best and worst luck, a New York grocery customer had to say goodbye to his lottery win of $1.25 million after he threw out his winning tickets.

Since March 2013, Pennsylvania Lottery has been waiting for the winner of the lottery to come forward. As no one claimed their prize money, they released a press statement urging the winner to make himself known: “Check the drawer by the sink, under the couch and in the glove box… Twenty-five unclaimed Quinto tickets for the March 13, 2013, evening drawing will expire on Thursday, March 13, 2014, if not claimed.”

Since no one contacted them, the Pennsylvania Lottery officials continued their investigation and finally located the lucky winner. However, it turns out that the elusive lottery buff, who reportedly spends around $100 a day on lottery tickets, literally threw away his winnings before realizing his extraordinary luck. The unclaimed (or rather, lost) prize money will stay in the lottery’s possession.

The Pennsylvania Lottery has recently released statements claiming that their profits are turned towards helping older Pennsylvania residents as well as towards support of community projects.

However, a lot of criticism has also been voiced despite the fact that the American Gaming Association published its poll results showing that more than half of those aged over 21 played the lottery at least once in 2012.

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