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Fortune Cookie Leads to $400,000 Lottery Win

Fortune Cookie Leads to $400,000 Lottery Win

Merces Goncalves has always picked the same five sets of lucky numbers when entering the Mega Million lottery draw and finally it has paid off. She matched five out of six numbers and won $421,811 in the March 4th draw.

Fortune Cookie Leads to $400,000 Lottery Win

A woman has won $421,811 from the Mega Millions draw after using numbers she found in a fortune cookie.

Her husband has always said, “If you would save the money you spend on lottery tickets you could afford a trip to Portugal each year.” Now the couple are able to make multiple trips to visit their home country of Portugal. However, what makes the story more interesting is that Goncalves won using numbers that she found inside a fortune cookie.

The numbers inside the cookie matched 10, 29, 31, 35 and 45. She just missed the Mega number by one digit, her final number was 9 while the Mega number was 10. Had she matched all the numbers then she would’ve won $240 million.

However, Goncalves said, “I don’t care that I didn’t hit the big one.”
Goncalves and her husband are also planning on using the money to go on the Hawaiian honeymoon that they couldn’t afford when they married 52 years ago. They also intend to invest some of the money.

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