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Legal Gambling to Be Expanded In Ohio With New Gambling Machines

Legal Gambling to Be Expanded In Ohio With New Gambling Machines

It is clear that legal gambling is expanding in the state of Ohio. The Ohio Lottery Commission will be placing hundreds of gambling machines at fraternal lodges as well as veteran posts thanks to the OK from the Controlling Board which is a bipartisan legislative body.

Legal Gambling to Be Expanded In Ohio With New Gambling Machines

Legal gambling will be expanded by the Ohio Lottery Commission who will place hundreds of gambling machines in fraternal lodges and veteran posts.

Since the vote was unanimous, the lawmakers will release $22, 5 million to the Lottery Commission which will allow them to purchase 1,200 machines from Intralot which is a supplier of lottery software and games in Greece.

These new units will be replacing existing raffle machines which Attorney General Mike DeWine declared as illegal last year.

While he ordered these machines to be removed already last year, because of a pending legal challenge, they are still in use until now.

As part of the deal, Intralot will receive $3m for servicing the machines while the state will receive 60% of the proceeds once the winners are paid. This has been estimated to be approximately $10m a year. The 40% balance of $7m will be provided to posts and lodges in order to cover operating costs and for donations.

In response to this, Sen. Tom Sawyer, D-Akron, expressed his concerns that this proposal was done before the Controlling Board and not in a bill before the General Assembly.

Connie Miller, director of operations for the Lottery Commission, responded that while the legislature could come up with a different decision, the lottery commission is using the traditional lottery model at these venues which is an accountable and legal solution.

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