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Mother and Son Share £7.5 Million Lottery Jackpot

Mother and Son Share £7.5 Million Lottery Jackpot

A very lucky mother and son purchased an extra Lucky Dip ticket for last weekend’s National Lottery draw and won a jackpot worth an amazing £7.5 million.

Mother and Son Share £7.5 Million Lottery Jackpot

A mother and son from Teesside in the UK have won a staggering £7.5 million lottery jackpot.

Doreen and John Hay, from Teesside, discovered their luck on Sunday morning when Doreen checked the numbers in the newspapers before phoning her son with the good news. John immediately drove to his mother’s house in Thornaby after she phoned him and said, “John, you’ll have to come over, I think we’ve won the Lottery. I checked the numbers three times. I couldn’t believe it so I
sat down and then checked again.”

John confirmed the win with the National Lottery before telling his partner Susan Robinson the happy news. The couple now plan to buy a dream home and take a trip to Disneyland, Florida.

John has also said that he will definitely give up work while his mother intends to move from an upstairs flat into a bungalow.

Doreen explained that she had cut down on lottery tickets due to the increase in price, however, last week she decided to throw caution to the wind and bought an extra ticket. However, this isn’t the first time she’s won, a few years ago Doreen walked away with £1,000 by matching five numbers.

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