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The Misfortune of Winning a Lottery Fortune

The Misfortune of Winning a Lottery Fortune

While many of us will dream of winning the lottery and becoming instant millionaires, a number of winners find that the win signals the end of their luck.

Gillian and Adrian Bayford won a massive £148 million jackpot; however, they recently announced that they were divorcing after nine years of marriage due to the stress of coping with their sudden wealth and change in lifestyle.

The Misfortune of Winning a Lottery Fortune

A surprisingly large amount of lottery winners find themselves broke with their life falling apart just a short while after winning big.

Their win was the second biggest lottery win and instantly put the couple on the UK’s rich list. However, last month a spokesman for Mrs Bayford said, “Gillian Bayford confirms that her marriage to Adrian has broken down irretrievably and they have separated.”

The Bayfords are not the only people to see their lives fall apart after a big win. Six years after winning a $2.76 million jackpot Lara and Robert Griffith also saw their marriage fall apart. At the same time a freak fire destroyed their house and every penny of their winnings was lost.

Another winner, Bud Post, lost his $16.2 million win in less than a year. A former girlfriend successfully sued him for a part of the winnings and his brother was arrested for hiring a hit man to kill him hoping that he’d inherit part of the prize.

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