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Scottish Football Club Hits Lottery Jackpot

Scottish Football Club Hits Lottery Jackpot

The Scottish football club Partick Thistle, which was promoted to the Premiership this season, is delighted after a couple of its fans, Chris and Colin Weir, have offered the club funding of £750,000 to build a new youth academy.

Scottish Football Club Hits Lottery Jackpot

Partick Thistle football club is receiving a donation of £750,000 from its lottery winning fans.

The Weirs won an amazing £161,653,000 in the Euromilions jackpot a couple of years ago and when they learnt of the teams intention to build an academy that could sponsor 120 youth team players they decided to donate to the cause.

Colin said, “As longstanding fans of Partick Thistle, we were aware of the club’s ambitions to create a new youth academy. What impressed us was that it wouldn’t just be for elite players but would also encourage local youngsters into football for the sheer enjoyment and fun of it.

Having seen the club’s determination to get this project off the ground, we decided that as we were in a position to offer financial assistance, we wanted to help them achieve their dream.”

Former Thistle player and manager Gerry Britton will be in charge of the academy. He said, “This is a chance to give hundreds of kids the opportunity to get involved in football, for fun or by creating a path to professional football for others.”

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