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Lake Zurich to Examine Promotion of Video Gambling

Lake Zurich to Examine Promotion of Video Gambling

The mayor of Lake Zurich, Illinois, has said that since the village has adopted video gambling it is important that it doesn’t develop a “mini Las Vegas” appearance.

Last Monday trustees in the village voted 6-0 in favor of having administration employees carry out a review on what businesses are allowed to promote in windows. While the promotion of video gambling is the main concern, the examination will apply to all businesses.

It has been suggested that the village prohibit the permanent promotion of a product or service that isn’t the primary purpose of a business.

Mayor Thomas Poynton said that video gambling signs are a real concern, “When we passed video gaming, the board unanimously told the staff and told the people who were going to get video gaming that we didn’t want to turn this into a mini Las Vegas Strip with garish signs extolling, “We pay more’ and ‘Slots here.’

Jim Beaudoin, a Lake Zurich Trustee, said that he became worried about the emergence of gambling signs after a temporary one was installed at a business which he refused to identify. He said that it is essential that the signs do not detract from the village’s appearance, “This is something that has become a battle cry.”

OCA News Editor