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Gamblers Continue to Join Ohio’s Exclusion Program

Gamblers Continue to Join Ohio’s Exclusion Program

Two years ago the Ohio Casino Control Commission began its Voluntary Exclusion Program in order to help reduce levels of problem gambling. The program now has over 980 names while the Ohio Lottery, which supervises the state’s racinos, has over 200 names on its list.

Gamblers Continue to Join Ohio’s Exclusion Program

The Voluntary Exclusion Program for gamblers in Ohio has shown considerable success with participant numbers continuing to rise.

People are given the option to ban themselves for a year, five years or life.

Those on the list can be charged with criminal trespassing and have their winnings confiscated.

Since it began casinos have investigated 83 potential violators and 78 people have been charged with trespassing.

Furthermore, a total of $28,552 in winnings has been taken from violators and given to the Problem Gambling Resource Fund.

However, Dr Ryan Perison, the chief clinical officer for the Alcohol, Drug Addiction and Mental Health Services Board of Montgomery County, said, “That’s probably a fraction of the percentage of people who have gambling disorder.”

Furthermore, Bruce Jones, the coordinator of Maryhaven, a behavioural health facility, says that the number of people seeking help treading gambling addiction has nearly doubled since the state’s casinos opened in 2012. To some this will suggest that problem gambling is on the rise, but either way it shows that while the exclusion program may not be the only resource needed to help gambling addicts, it is certainly of benefit to many.

OCA News Editor