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European Commission Seeks Online Gambling Health Warnings

European Commission Seeks Online Gambling Health Warnings

According to a draft document, the European Commission will soon be urging countries to demand that all online gambling advertisements display warning messages similar to those seen on cigarette packets.

It is thought that the EU executive will make its recommendation to improve controls of the $14.3 billion online gambling industry within the next week.

European Commission Seeks Online Gambling Health Warnings

The European Commission is to encourage countries to demand that online gambling adverts carry health warning messages.

The primary focus will be on advertisements to tackle gambling problems.

While the recommendation will not be legally binding, it is hoped it will lead to European countries improving regulations in that area.

Online gambling is currently growing at a rate of 15% per year making it the fastest growing service activity in the EU.

The European Commission said that in 2011 there were 6.8 million users.

Online gambling companies will be encouraged to display warnings about the chances of winning and losing, information on the risk of developing a gambling addiction and information on how to seek help for compulsive gambling.

The EU will also be proposing a ban on sponsorship of events aimed at minors by online gambling firms.

A number of firms are already being scrutinised by governments following aggresse advertising during the World Cup.

OCA News Editor