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Attorney Stuart Scott Is All For Gambling in Tennessee

Attorney Stuart Scott Is All For Gambling in Tennessee

Casinos do not exist in Tennessee but Stuart Scott, an attorney, thinks this should change.

Attorney Stuart Scott Is All For Gambling in Tennessee

Gambling in Tennessee is not legal but Attorney Stuart Scott thinks it should be.

According to Scott, gaming or ‘games of chance’ could be the ticket for guaranteed money for the state. The gaming board in Scott’s law firm works closely with other states, such as Ohio which opened casinos in 2009.

Scott strongly believes that for as long as Tennessee doesn’t allow gambling, the citizens will simply go elsewhere to gamble, giving other states the revenue.

This revenue could be used to fund public projects and schools while Tennessee has prime locations in Memphis, Chattanooga and Nashville which would be ideal locations for casinos.

In the past, State Sen. Reginald Tate proposed a casino for Shelby County in order to fund education. He also stated that while it took over 10 years to approve the lottery in the state, it would take years until gaming would become a reality in Tennessee.

Until now, Scott has not approached any state leaders on the matter and the state board of education also has no comment on any revenue potential from the proposed casinos.

Over the last few years, Ohio has generated billions of dollars from gambling so maybe Tennessee should be doing the same?

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