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Mohegan Sun vs. Northeast Realty Documents Remain Public

Mohegan Sun vs. Northeast Realty Documents Remain Public

Following the rejection of the Mohegan Sun’s plan for a new casino in Palmer in November 2013, Hampden Superior Court Judge Richard Carey ruled that documents surrounding the case will not be made for “attorneys’ eyes only” but rather will remain in the public domain.

Mohegan Sun vs. Northeast Realty Documents Remain Public

Superior Court Judge Carey ruled that documents in the Mohegan Sun vs. Northeast Realty gambling court case should remain in the public domain.

The Connecticut-based Mohegan Sun was hoping to have certain documents protected from public scrutiny as these were considered to have sensitive information.

However, Carey believed that there is no reason for extensive confidentiality agreements in this case.

The ruling was in favor of Mohegan Sun’s business venture partner Northeast Realty Associates who went to court alleging that they suffered major losses due to an exclusivity violation by Mohegan Sun.

The Longmeadow firm claims that Mohegan Sun violated the exclusivity agreement it signed with Northeast Realty preventing it from seeking out gambling licenses elsewhere in Massachusetts.

Just days after the rejection of the planned casino by Palmer voters, Mohegan Sun announced its collaboration with the Suffolk Downs horse racing track allowing the Connecticut gambling company to operate its casino on the track’s premises. Mohegan Sun denies all charges of exclusivity violation.

Though the court case is far from reaching a final resolution, Northeast Realty believes that the recent ruling is a step in the right direction towards resolving the dispute surrounding the Boston area gambling license.

OCA News Editor