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Massachusetts Gaming License Still on Hold

Massachusetts Gaming License Still on Hold

Many are baffled and frustrated by the pace of the bureaucratic process surrounding the licensing of casinos in the state of Massachusetts.

Massachusetts Gaming License Still on Hold

Frustration grows as Massachusetts’ Gaming Commission fails to make a decision regarding possible gaming license.

The delay in finalizing the license means a considerable loss of revenue for the state’s coffers as gambling venues often bring an increased level of tourism as well as more jobs.

State officials have so far failed to thoroughly assess all potential candidates which means that much needed funds are being channeled out of the state to the neighboring states of Connecticut and Rhode Island.

The Massachusetts Gambling Commission has now been working on the licensing issue for over a year and there is no clear end result in sight.

Many now believe that the Commission’s work is far from efficient and are calling for the government body to be closed down or circumvented.

Projects such as the South Coast casino have already been approved by local residents who are now eagerly waiting for the financial benefits of a gambling venue to be felt in the community.

It is also likely that a surge in gambling related income will help with other pressing issues such as the re-haul of the Southcoast Rail service.

OCA News Editor