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Atlantic City Casino Claims Back $500,000 in Unshuffled Cards Case

Atlantic City Casino Claims Back $500,000 in Unshuffled Cards Case

The Golden Nugget Casino in Atlantic City has received a favorable ruling from Supreme Court Judge James Isman in a case involving unshuffled decks of cards.

Atlantic City Casino Claims Back $500,000 in Unshuffled Cards Case

New Jersey’s Golden Nugget casino has been granted permission to retrieve $500,000 from previous payments after a judge ruled it’s innocent in an unshuffled cards case.

When realizing that the card decks used in the casino were not shuffled and card combinations were therefore easily predictable, fourteen of the casino’s baccarat players won an astonishing $1.5 million from more than 41 straight hands.
The reason for the confusion was a Kansas City card manufacturer who failed to deliver pre-shuffled cards to the casino, an error that they admitted to in court.

Judge Isman ruled that due to the use of unshuffled cards the games are considered illegal under US law and therefore the casino can claim back the $500,000 it has already paid to the players involved.

The judge’s decision will be doubly frustrating for the players as they had previously refused a deal to be paid the remaining disputed winnings offered by casino owner Tilman Fertitta.

Casino representatives said: “Remarkably, and despite this generous proposal, the gamblers and their lawyers steadfastly refused, and selfishly wanted more damages than just the gambling winnings… Unfortunately for the gamblers, it cost them over $1.5 million”.

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