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Location of Off-Track Betting Parlors Restricted by Ordinance

Location of Off-Track Betting Parlors Restricted by Ordinance

The Lafourche Parish Council has made it quite clear that new off-track betting businesses will be restricted when it comes to their location.

On Tuesday night, the Council approved a measure, 8-0, that states that any business which has more than three video poker machines, needs to be located at least a mile away from a public playground, a church, synagogue, school, library, residential property as well as any National Register of Historic Places site.

Location of Off-Track Betting Parlors Restricted by Ordinance

On Tuesday night, the Lafourche Parish Council approved the location restriction of new off-track betting businesses.

On the 27th of May this year, the councilmen were split on this issue and voted instead to defer the matter.

It is interesting though that while Councilman Daniel Lorraine voted in favor of this restriction, he in fact does not support this measure.

Lorraine stated that he felt this measure was a form of ‘zoning’ but that since no member of the public has stepped forward to support off-track betting, he voted in favor of the restriction.

According to Kelsey Meeks, a New Orleans-based attorney who represented a group of Lafourche businessmen who supported this measure in Thibodaux, there are only minor alterations in the latest parish ordinance.

The new restrictions regarding location only apply to businesses that have video poker machines. This means that off-track gambling locations do not have these restrictions in terms of location. According to State law, off-track betting parlors need to be located in a 55-mile radius of their home racetrack such as Fair Grounds in New Orleans.

While off-track betting has not been included in the legislation, local authorities still have the power to determine the restrictions in these cases.

OCA News Editor