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Sheldon Adelson Donates Towards Anti-Pot Measure

Sheldon Adelson Donates Towards Anti-Pot Measure

It is quite clear that Sheldon Adelson is against legalizing the use of medical marijuana.

Sheldon Adelson Donates Towards Anti-Pot Measure

Sheldon Adelson, the casino magnate, has donated millions of dollars to the Drug Free Florida campaign.

This billionaire casino magnate recently donated $2.7 million to the Drug Free Florida campaign which is committed to putting a stop to Florida’s Amendment 2 initiative.

This initiative, United for Care campaign, is aimed at legalizing medical marijuana through a constitutional amendment.

According to Sarah Bascom, a spokeswoman for Vote No on 2, the amendment has been written so broadly that if passed, it will allow for the use of ‘pot for any purpose’.

Meanwhile, those supporting this initiative, People United for Medical Marijuana, have already raised over $3 million and have already spent over $4.8 million, of which $1.9 million was loaned by the John Morgan attorney firm. Morgan is the chairman for United for Care.

Meanwhile, Ben Pollara, campaign manager for the initiative, strongly criticized the donation made by Adelson.

He went on to explain that the expenses for the initiative increased extensively over May due to their efforts to obtain sufficient signatures from the public.

In order for this measure to become law in November, over 60% of voters need to approve the legalization of medical marijuana. Until now, polling data has shown that this measure is likely to get the support it needs.

OCA News Editor