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FBI Vice Investigation Exposes Bookies in Missouri and Kansas

FBI Vice Investigation Exposes Bookies in Missouri and Kansas

An FBI investigation into Joplin-area gambling has revealed that a wide-ranging vice operation existed which involved a number of influential people in southwest Missouri and southeast Kansas.

FBI Vice Investigation Exposes Bookies in Missouri and Kansas

The investigation which ran for a number of years uncovered a wide-ranging vice operation involving numerous influential people.

A report was published which revealed widespread vice in Jasper and Newton counties in Missouri and Cherokee County in Kansas.

The report says, “Through source reporting, surveillance, phone and financial records, it was revealed that the gambling operation involved numerous influential people in Joplin and the surrounding community.”

The case started in 2002 due to reports on bookmaking activity in the Joplin area and grew as more crimes emerged.

One FBI investigator wrote, “Although the investigation centered around the gambling operation, sources continued to report a belief that (a bookie) was involved in much more. It was suspected he was involved in drug trafficking and prostitution and had numerous contacts within the judicial system, law enforcement and medical care communities.”

The unnamed bookie was in charge of a criminal gambling organization. The report also discussed allegations involving the then Cherokee County, Kansas, prosecutor Michael Goodrich and his conduct involving the Sensations Gentlemen’s Club just outside Galena, Kansas.

Furthermore three bookmakers were indicted in March 2008, fined $2,000 and placed on probation.

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