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Draft Poker Bill Discussed on Capitol Hill

Draft Poker Bill Discussed on Capitol Hill

Discussions are taking place on Washington’s Capitol Hill about a bill that could regulate online poker.

Haley Barbour, lobbyist for Caesars Entertainment Corporation, has reportedly had discussions with Nevada Senator Dean Heller regarding the possible legalization of online poker including the possibility of an overarching ban on all forms of online gambling with an exception for poker.

Draft Poker Bill Discussed on Capitol Hill

Discussions are underway on Capitol Hill regarding a possible gambling bill with special provisions for poker.

This new proposed bill is in line with what Senator Harry Reid has been promoting and what is now in effect for in-state players in Nevada.

Though there is certainly some movement on the hill regarding a possible gambling bill Heller is not quick to commit to any speculations floating around. On his work with Reid regarding online gambling he said, “We will treat it like any other proposal. We’ll take a look at it, we’ll read it and determine whether or not it is something we can support. I’d like to get all these ideas on the table at one time and move in the appropriate direction.”

Though the direction of a possible bill is still not clear, change is certainly in the air for online gambling. As Heller said, “Both myself and Senator Reid want to get something done.”

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