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Casino Scam Saving Horses

Casino Scam Saving Horses

TPR Casino, operating in Charlotte Hall, became the center of an investigation in June 2013 when community members made a complaint that the casino was supposedly being operated to benefit Thoroughbred Placement Resources Inc. (TPR).

TPR Inc. which is a recognized charity and registered as such with the Internal Revenue Service, was in fact being used as a front by the casino manager, George Wells.

Casino Scam Saving Horses

Casino uses charity as a front to pocket money.

It was reported that Wells was in fact not handing over the revenues but instead was using it for his own personal benefit.

When questioned, Wells claimed that he had regularly handed over proceeds to TPR Inc. but further investigation revealed this was not the case.

The President of TPR Inc., Kimberly Clarke, told investigators she had no knowledge of the casino.
In December 2013, Wells was charged with running a gambling house and with theft.

In May 2014, TPR Inc. was finally presented with a check of all most $19,000 by officials that was due to them from Well’s scheme.

Law officials commented that it was not the issue of card games but the principle of someone using a charity as a front in order to benefit themselves.

Clarke said that it was wonderful to receive the money especially as they struggle to raise money for the charity and that this would make a huge difference to their efforts.

OCA News Editor