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Plans for Expanded Gambling in Illinois Delayed

Plans for Expanded Gambling in Illinois Delayed

The plan to expand gambling in Illinois has been put on hold as the backer of legislation proposing new casinos has said he won’t call for a vote on the measure until some lingering issues have been resolved.

Plans for Expanded Gambling in Illinois Delayed

State Rep. Bob Rita has said that he is delaying the vote on legislation that would allow new casinos in the state.

State Rep. Bob Rita said that there are still disputes over revenue sharing and that he is still waiting to receive the full support of Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, Governor Pat Quinn, the horse racing industry and local communities.

As a result he believes that the timing is not right for a vote on the legislation.

In a statement Rita said, “I am disappointed we could not move this issue forward this spring, but I am determined to prepare a bill for consideration in the fall veto session.

We will be considering important revenue and budget issues during that session. I believe gambling expansion should and will be a major factor as we make these critical decisions going into 2015.”

The legislation offers two options, a mega casino in Chicago and nowhere else, or a smaller Chicago casino and others in a suburb south of the city and the counties of Lake, Winnebago and Vermilion.

OCA News Editor