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Update on Billy Jordanou’s Case

Update on Billy Jordanou’s Case

It seems that Billy Jordanou’s luck has run out.

This 55-year old Australian pro poker player who is a regular player at Melbourne’s Crown Casino, was arrested on Wednesday and is now facing 142 charges over a fraud scheme.

It has been alleged that Jordanou has made over $100 million over the last ten years through the Commonwealth Bank and has also been linked to a Ponzi scheme.

Update on Billy Jordanou’s Case

Pro poker player Billy Jordanou was arrested on Wednesday and is now facing 142 charges over a fraud scheme.

When the Commonwealth Bank noticed that loan applications had been lodged by Jordanou’s business partner, accountant Robert Zaia, on behalf of clients using false documentation, the Police’s extortion squad in Victoria started investigating Jordanou and Zaia in 2012.

According to prosecutor, Luke Excell, Jordanou also faces a charge of perverting the course of justice by ‘interfering’ with one of the case witnesses, Marc Stimar.

The prosecution summary, which is almost 250 pages long, also mentions over 40 incidents which occurred from 2004 to 2013, involving over $100 million.

Excell stated that Jordanou allegedly drew funds using false invoices and client approvals and was using these funds to maintain his lifestyle of luxury cars, boats, hot-rods, Harley Davidson bikes as well as to invest in property developments.

There are also over 100 charges against Jordanou for obtaining financial advantage such as home loans as well as for stealing a Mercedes Benz and deceptively obtaining property.

According to Jordanou’s lawyer, George Defretos, Jordanou “welcomes the charges as he wants to get on with his life”.

Jordanou is currently out on bail and will appear before the court on the 17th of September.

OCA News Editor