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California May See Online Poker Regulation Next Year

California May See Online Poker Regulation Next Year

It seems that online poker is unlikely to come to California this year, but is a very real possibility for 2015. That is according to information heard at last week’s informational hearing in Sacramento before the California Assembly’s Committee on Governmental Re-Organization.

California May See Online Poker Regulation Next Year

Support for online poker regulation is growing in California with many believing legislation is possible in 2015.

Furthermore, it is thought that if it is legalized in California then other states are more likely to follow suit and the US banking industry is much more likely to respond positively to the industry.

This comes as a survey conducted by the Coalition for Consumer & Online Protection (C4COP) found that 68% of Californians are in favor of online poker legislation.

The survey contacted 800 people throughout the state and found only 27% of people were against online poker.

After the results were released C4COP said that the poll is “further proof that Sheldon Adelson’s reckless legislation, which would institute a nationwide ban on all online gaming, is out of step with the public.”

This week the Legislative Analyst’s Office also released a report on legalizing online poker in California. In the report it was suggested that as much as $400 million in gross annual revenue could be made through online poker.

OCA News Editor