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No Gambling Bills for Florida in This Session

No Gambling Bills for Florida in This Session

Florida’s House Speaker Will Weatherford has put an end to any gambling legislation this session. This includes a proposal that would require greyhound racing tracks to report any injuries or death of dogs.

No Gambling Bills for Florida in This Session

Florida’s House Speaker has said that it is unlikely that there will be any gambling legislation passes this session.

Earlier in the week a Senate committee had backed a measure that would require greyhound tracks to report dog injury and deaths. The proposal was also backed by Senate President Don Gaetz. However, Weatherford said it was a non-starter this late in the session.

Weatherford said, “I know that bill’s been filed in the House. I don’t think that bill’s been heard in its first committee. So usually when you get into week six, week seven in session, if the bill hasn’t been heard in committee it’s unlikely … I would just say overall that gaming reform, gaming expansion, I think the lights have gone out on that issue at this point.”

Senate Gaming Committee Chairman Garrett Richter announced last week that he is giving up on a gambling overhaul that would have authorized two Las Vegas-style casinos in South Florida.

Furthermore Sen. Maria Sachs, D-Delray Beach, withdrew amendments that would’ve allowed the tracks to stop racing greyhounds. The amendments also included a number of components that would have expanded gambling.

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