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Danish Gambling Authority Blocks Access to 5 Casino Websites

Danish Gambling Authority Blocks Access to 5 Casino Websites

Last week the Danish Gambling Authority released a statement announcing that it is monitoring the county’s online gambling market in order to find gambling operators that provided gambling services in Denmark without a license.

Danish Gambling Authority Blocks Access to 5 Casino Websites

The Danish Gambling Authority has won a court order to block access to casino websites which are operating without a license in Denmark.

The Authority has identified five online casino sites illegally providing services to Danish punters and ignoring requests to stop doing so. As a result the Gambling Authority has directed internet service providers to block the sites.

A statement said, “These efforts have uncovered several new websites which have been contacted in an attempt to stop their illegal activities. A large number of these websites have corrected their gambling offers so that they no longer contravene the Danish gambling legislation. However, some websites continue to offer gambling activities without a license.”

The statement continued to say that on Friday March 28 a Danish court imposed an injunction on the internet service provider “3” telling it to block access to five illegal websites. The ISP was given two weeks to comply and ensure that the websites were blocked.

The blocked websites are:,,, and

The Gambling Authority has said that it expects other ISPs to follow the example set by “3” and also abide by the court’s order to block access to these sites.

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