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Poker Players Will Have Final Say on Online Gaming

Poker Players Will Have Final Say on Online Gaming

The events of the last few years have really resulted in a battle surrounding online poker. The enactment of the UIGEA in 2006 followed by “Black Friday” in 2011 and then the decision of the Department of Justice to allow online gambling have caused turmoil in the world of online poker.

At present a few state governors with the financial backing of Sheldon Adelson have come out against online gambling in any form. Adelson’s “Coalition to Stop Internet Gambling” has already resulted in federal bills being submitted to ban the practice. However, pretty much every casino in America, as well as the American Gaming Association, has come out in favor of federal regulation of the industry.

It certainly looks as if there is going to be a long fight over online gambling. While the anti-gambling forces have the funding, the pro-gambling forces are far more numerous. Over the coming years, with the 2014 midterm elections and the 2016 Presidential election, there is a good chance that poker players may have a chance to express their opinions.

However, this will require poker players to actually come forward and take a political stance, something that not all will be comfortable with. In the end it will be the actions of the masses of players that decide the issue once and for all.

OCA News Editor