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Don’t Drink and Gamble! Gambler Suing Casino for $500,000

Don’t Drink and Gamble! Gambler Suing Casino for $500,000

Mark Johnston, a seasoned gambler headed to the Downtown Grand on January 30th just before Super Bowl weekend. Before even arriving, he had been granted a $250k line of credit by the casino which was increased to $500k once he got there. Upon arrival he had already had some drinks and he then started his 17 hour marathon of Blackjack and Pai-Gow.

While playing, the casino continued to supply Johnston with free drinks and his downward spiral continued to the tune of $550,000. Johnston claims he could barely read his cards and was dropping his chips and only realized what had happened when he woke up the next day.

Currently, its speculated that Johnston had already consumed around 10 cocktails from the time he left California until he eventually sat down to play at around 10pm that night with the casino serving him another 20 drinks over the next 17 hours of play.

This is not the first time a player has tried suing over losses due to being inebriated and some with success and others not but according to Nevada state laws, it prohibits casinos from allowing a person to gamble if they appear drunk and from serving them additional free drinks.

Johnston claims this is not the first time he has lost in excess of $500k and that he is not a sore loser but that this time he seems to think it’s the casino to blame. What do you think?

OCA News Editor