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Gaming Commission Holds Mass Hearing Over Planned Springfield MGM Casino

Gaming Commission Holds Mass Hearing Over Planned Springfield MGM Casino

More than 200 people turned up for a public hearing at West Springfield Middle School that lasted four hours regarding the intended development of a casino by MGM Resorts International in Springfield. Supporters and opponents had the opportunity to voice their opinions.

The meeting was aimed at getting the public’s input regarding the application for a license by MGM Resorts to build a casino in the South End of Springfield with an estimated cost of $800 million.

Those in support of the casino development highlighted that they believe it will enhance economic activity and create jobs whereas those against, expressed concerns that it would create traffic, drain money from the local economy and bring crime to the area.

Edward C. Sullivan, the Springfield mayor expressed delight that Springfield was selected for such a proposal but also commented that he did not want to see it done to the detriment of local communities. Other local councilors also expressed their concerns regarding the intended project and how it would impact the communities.

The meeting heard bantering back and forth about how the casino will create jobs and will bring tourists while those opposed spoke about the addiction to gambling and its impact on family life.

The Gaming Commission has planned an additional meeting to be held on April 1st to hear additional input from people who live outside of Springfield.

OCA News Editor