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US Gets Ready for a Transcontinental Jackpot

US Gets Ready for a Transcontinental Jackpot

The New Jersey Gaming regulation body recently approved a multi-state system of jackpot slots. The body alluded to including several states in the program, although the only one mentioned by name was South Dakota. Cooperation will be key in getting things together as states need to draft their own individual regulations before they are able to participate.

Multi-area jackpot games have been commonplace in Atlantic City since the late 80’s, typically having linked machines boast the same big payout in multiple casino venues. Now, New Jersey legislators and operators have taken steps to increase their reach by allowing jackpot machines to cross state lines.

Slots are a huge piece of the pie when looking at gaming revenue in Atlantic City, account for two-thirds of the total winnings derived from the gambling hub’s top 11 casinos.

The whole system is directed at garnering more player interest, and New Jersey thinks bigger jackpots will do just that. Due to increased competition from participating states, progressive jackpots will rise higher and faster, hopefully pulling in more potential winners into Atlantic City casinos.

OCA News Editor