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UK Culture Secretary Calls for Tougher Gambling Rules

UK Culture Secretary Calls for Tougher Gambling Rules

The UK’s Culture Secretary Maria Miller has said that a voluntary code of conduct for the gambling industry will become compulsory and needs to be tougher. The voluntary code includes suggestions such as setting limits for the amount of money and time punters spends on machines.

However, Miller wants the Gambling Commission to make the rules tougher including forcing customers to set spending limits before they begin playing. The Association of British Bookmakers has said that it supports Miller’s ideas. A spokesperson said that they want to help those with gambling problems without ruining the experience for those who gambled safely.

Miller’s proposal would see forced spending and time limits, particularly on fixed-odd betting terminals, including high-stakes games such as roulette. Furthermore, it would be compulsory for bookmakers to sign up to the code in order to be granted a license.

Miller said, “We want a successful gambling industry but not at the price of public protection. Player protections must be made mandatory so that every bookmaker must abide by the new rules. I have asked the Gambling Commission to make this happen. In the future, these rules will therefore form part of the operators’ license conditions and bookmakers will have to accept them or not be able to trade.”

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