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Nevada and Delaware Sign Online Poker Compact

Nevada and Delaware Sign Online Poker Compact

Nevada and Delaware have signed a joint online poker compact that will allow players from both states to play online poker against each other. It is the first time that an agreement like this has been signed in the US and is a vital step in the expansion of online gambling within the country.

A special signing ceremony was held on Tuesday last week where the governors of the two states said that they hoped that more states would join the compact. At present only New Jersey is able to join, but any state that legalizes online poker could potentially join.

Nevada’s Governor Brian Sandoval said, “I consider this a landmark intersection in the road of gaming history.”
The compact will take a while to become a reality as the technology to implement it is still being developed. However, it has taken care of the legal side of the process.

Delaware’s Governor Jack Markell said that the compact is a “natural next step to make sure our gaming industry remains on the cutting edge.”
A major advantage of the compact is that it will lead to bigger player pools which in turn will lead to bigger pots and larger jackpots.

OCA News Editor