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No Canadian Casino Sales Without NDP Support

No Canadian Casino Sales Without NDP Support

The proposed sale of the Canadian government owned Casino Regina and Casino Moose Jaw to the Saskatchewan Indian Gaming Authority has fallen apart.

No Canadian Casino Sales Without NDP Support

Without the support of the NDP, the Casino Regina and Casino Moose Jaw cannot be sold to the Saskatchewan Indian Gaming Authority.

Last week the New Democratic Party (NDP) said that it won’t back a deal proposed by the province to change the laws protecting Crown corporations that would allow the sale of the casinos to go through.

Premier Brad Wall wants support from the NDP to amend The Crown Corporations Public Ownership Act which includes a list of Crown corporations that may not be sold without following a process which includes public consultation and requires an election to happen first.
Wall was hoping that the NDP leader Cam Broten would support the sale so that the law could be changed this spring.

However, some think that the government failed to follow the process. Tom McIntosh head of the political science department at the University of Regina said that the government has gone ahead “in terms of agreeing to it and negotiating the (memorandum of understanding) without really thinking through, it seems, the implications, and then suddenly realizing that if they were going to do this in the short term they would need the NDP’s support because it would require amending legislation.”

It seems that for the time being the Saskatchewan tribe will have to put their casino plans on hold, as without the NDP’s support there can be no sale.

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