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Kentucky Expanded Gambling Delayed Another Year

Kentucky Expanded Gambling Delayed Another Year

It looks like residents of the state of Kentucky may be waiting at least another year for expanded gambling.

Senator Dan Seum had filed a bill which would put a constitutional amendment on the November ballot and let voters decide if they’d like to see casinos in the state. However, Seum says that at present he doesn’t have the necessary support in the Senate.

Seum said, “At this point in time, I have no plans in putting it on the floor, obviously, until I have the necessary votes to pass a constitutional amendment.”

Furthermore, the Majority Floor Leader Sen Damon Thayer went as far as saying that there is no sentiment in the Republican-controlled Senate to address the issue of gambling for the time being.

Thayer said, “The Senate has dealt with this bill on the floor of the Senate in the past; the House has never dealt with a constitutional amendment on the floor of the House. If the governor wants it badly enough, he ought to go to the members of his own party in the chamber that they control and try to push the bill.”

However, Seum remains confident and says that the bill isn’t yet dead, he simply needs more time.

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