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New Jersey Residents Prefer Weed over Online Gambling

New Jersey Residents Prefer Weed over Online Gambling

A recent poll of residents of New Jersey showed that more of them supported the legalization of marijuana than online gambling.

The poll, conducted at Fairleigh Dickinson University, found that 41% of the 734 respondents would support legalizing the recreational use of marijuana. This is compared to just 32% that would support online gambling.

The director of the survey, Krista Jenkins, said, “The public’s attitude was, for several years, warming up to online gambling. But there has been a clear change in direction now that the practice has actually been legalized.”

It is thought that the massive amount of marketing surrounding online gambling has turned a number of New Jersey residents against the practice. A number of Atlantic City casinos have inundated the area with advertisements aimed to attract more players.

Just ten months ago 45% of New Jersey respondents opposed online gambling, this number has now climbed to 57%. The previous survey was conducted when Governor Chris Christie signed online gambling legislation.

If future polls show that support for marijuana continues to rise, then lawmakers may take the public opinion on board and draft legislation to legalize the drug.

OCA News Editor