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Nebraska Senator Aims to Legalise Casino Gambling

Nebraska Senator Aims to Legalise Casino Gambling

Nebraska’s state senator Russ Karpisek intends to try one more time to legalize casino gambling during his last year in office. Karpisek introduced a proposed constitutional amendment which would allow casinos to operate in the state if the legislators and Nebraska voters approve.

Nebraska Senator Aims to Legalise Casino Gambling

In his final year in office state Senator Russ Karpisek is hoping to legalize casino gambling in Nebraska.

His proposed amendment would see gambling proceeds go towards some very popular causes. Half would be used for property tax relief and the rest would be split among K-12 education, the Nebraska Game and Parks commission and projects to conserve water resources.

The last few years have seen a number of casino gambling proposals rejected by state lawmakers; however, Karpisek is confident that his proposal will address some of the leading problems faced by the state by making use of money that is already being bet at out-of-state casinos.

Karpisek said, “Everybody’s talking about (high) property taxes, they’re talking about K-12 education, and we need more money for state parks. There’s a way to solve that.”

However, Pat Loontjer of Omaha-based Gambling With the Good Life, believes that there is still strong opposition to the idea, she said, “It’s a long shot in a short session.” Nebraska voters have voted against two previous gambling ballots.

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