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Casinos to Open In Japan by 2019

Casinos to Open In Japan by 2019

There has been speculation about opening a casino in Taiwan for a number of years, in 2009 the idea was rejected by voters and the government has still not passed legislation that would allow for casinos to be built. However, it is now being claimed that Taiwan will have its first operational casino by 2019.

Casinos to Open In Japan by 2019

It is expected that by 2019 there will be a number of functional casinos operating in Japan.

It is thought that parliament may pass the Casino Management Act later this month. The act would allow for offshore islands to accept bids for resort-casino projects.

Lin Kuo-shian, the director-general of the transportation ministry department in charge of gaming said, “Given that the act could be successfully passed in the beginning of year 2014, we optimistically expect that the earliest time the casino could open to public in Matsu is around 2019.”

While there are already a number of major casino operators interested, the five year delay is expected as it would take them several years to get permits for the land and building.

One company which has expressed interested is Weidner Resorts however, the head of tourism at Matsu has said that “there are other companies that are waiting for the act to go through parliament. We don’t know how many will come forward.”

OCA News Editor