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Final Push for Kentucky Casino Legislation

Final Push for Kentucky Casino Legislation

Those in favor of legalizing casinos in Kentucky are preparing to launch another campaign which will promote gambling as an excellent source of revenues.

The campaign will present a proposed constitutional amendment which would go on the 2014 autumn ballot if it is approved by the General Assembly. Proposals have already been drafted for introduction in the House and Senate.

Final Push for Kentucky Casino Legislation

Preparations are being made for another attempt to have casino gambling legalized in the state of Kentucky.

Rep. Larry Clark, D-Louisville, the second-ranking House member, said, “This is probably the last chance to do it, I really think.” However, critics of the proposal are preparing to hit back. Martin Cothran, a spokesman for the Family Foundation, said “We think they’ve got the same problem they’ve always had — which is they don’t have the votes. It’s not good for the state, it’s not good for the horse industry, it’s not good for problem gamblers.”

The lead sponsors for the proposals are two high-ranking lawmakers. Senate Majority Caucus Chairman Dan Seum, R-Louisville, will lead the push in the Senate and Clark, the House speaker pro tem, will lead in the House.

The proposal would allow seven casinos across the state and locations would be determined by companion legislation.

OCA News Editor