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Graton Casino Visitor Attacked in Parking Lot

Graton Casino Visitor Attacked in Parking Lot

A 67-year old man was attacked earlier this week in the Graton Casino’s car park in Rohnert Park, California. The man had an undisclosed amount of money and some personal items taken from him during the attack, he is currently in the Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital suffering from severe head trauma.

Graton Casino Visitor Attacked in Parking Lot

A patron at the recently opened Graton Casino in Rohnert Park, California, was attacked and robbed in the car park.

The Graton Rancheria Casino opened last month with a huge event which caused massive traffic jams extending for miles. This is not the first controversy at the casino, soon after opening an incident off the casino’s grounds resulted in a power cut which left visitors in the dark and many complaining that they couldn’t get their money out of dead slot machines.

Nonetheless, despite these problems the locals keep coming back, one man said, “For me I live so close that I come here a little more than I should. But I didn’t gamble away my kids’ Christmas presents yet.”

So far there hasn’t been a comment about the attack from the casino. It is known that the car park is filled with surveillance cameras but the Sheriff’s Office has not said if the attack was filmed.

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