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France Says No to Foreign Online Poker Players

France Says No to Foreign Online Poker Players

France’s National Assembly politicians have rejected a call from the gambling regulator to allow the sharing of player pools with other jurisdictions. This means that French online poker players are still only allowed to play against each other.

France Says No to Foreign Online Poker Players

The French National Assembly rejected a call to allow players from other regulated markets to play at French sites.

ARJEL, the French gambling regulator, had suggested that the government should allow players from other regulated countries in order to try and boost revenues from the French online poker industry. However, the government quickly rejected the idea.

Razzi Hammadi from the Committee of Economic Affairs was the main opponent of the idea. He called online poker an “uncontrollable ogre” and would not accept the argument that the isolationist policy is killing the French industry. Instead he said that online poker is simply not as popular as it has been.

Hammadi said, “We could simply realize that despite significant investments in advertising and development, poker has now gone a little out of fashion”.
It is thought that this issue may have had something to do with the sudden resignation of Jean-Francois Vilotte as head of ARJEL. Last week Vilotte announced his departure from the authority a full two years before his contract is due to end

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