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Caesars Files Against Massachusetts Gaming Commission

Caesars Files Against Massachusetts Gaming Commission

Caesars Entertainment has filed a lawsuit in a federal district court in Boston against the chairman of the Massachusetts Gaming Commission, Stephen Crosby. The company is claiming that Crosby improperly handled the process of considering partners for a proposed casino project in East Boston.

Caesars has accused Crosby of “discriminatory, biased and unfair disruption” of its partnership with Suffolk Downs, the company which owns a site under consideration for a state casino license. Caesars joined with Suffolk Downs in 2011 to develop plans and proposals for the potential casino and claims it invested $100 million in the project.

Last October Caesars withdrew from its partnership with Suffolk Downs after the gaming commission issued a report which questioned Caesars’ suitability. The report raised questions about a licensing agreement between a Caesars subsidiary and a hotel group which was alleged to have ties to Russian organized crime.

In regards to the report, Caesars’ complaint states, “The commission’s staff issued an incorrect and unprecedented recommendation that plaintiffs had not met their burden to establish their suitability, and Chairman Crosby and members of the commission’s staff have made untrue and misleading statements about plaintiffs and their affiliates.”

In response the gaming commission has issued a statement saying the lawsuit is without merit.

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