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Gaming Panel in Favour of Suffolk Down Revere Only Bid

Gaming Panel in Favour of Suffolk Down Revere Only Bid

It seems that the majority of Massachusetts’ gambling commission is in favour of allowing Mohegan Sun to build a casino on land owned by Suffolk Downs in Revere without the need for a second vote by the city’s residents.

Gaming Panel in Favour of Suffolk Down Revere Only Bid

The Massachusetts gambling commission appears to be in favour of the Revere only plan put forward by Suffolk Down racetrack.

Three of the five members of the commission, including its chairman Stephen Crosby, said that they believe an earlier agreement between Suffolk Downs and the city would allow for broad revisions to the already backed proposal.

Furthermore, they pointed out that there hasn’t been any outcry to the new proposal from residents.

The panel has put off a final decision until next week as two commissioners have expressed reservations about allowing the plan to go ahead without a second referendum.

Crosby said that “It was anticipated that there was the possibility of a substantial change. There was a re-opener clause that begged for more development in Revere.”

The Suffolk Downs racetrack developed the idea to build on Revere only land after East Boston voters rejected a proposed casino which would have spread across the two communities. The only resident to raise an objection to the new plan is one who voted no in the original referendum.

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