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Steve Wynn Compares Banning Online Gambling to Prohibition

Steve Wynn Compares Banning Online Gambling to Prohibition

As online gambling begins to gain ground in the United States, casino owners have expressed mixed opinions on the industry. The majority are supportive of the move to legalize online gambling, however, others, such as Sheldon Adelson, have said that they will do their best to ensure it remains illegal.

Steve Wynn Compares Banning Online Gambling to Prohibition

The casino owner has said that people will gamble anyway, however, he says it is too early to tell what direction the law will take.

Casino owner Steve Wynn has responded to Adelson’s campaign and explained that he thinks that trying to ban online gambling is pointless.

Wynn said, “Adelson doesn’t think it’s a good idea because of lack of control He’s got a point that resonates with a lot of people.

On the other hand, playing poker in America, and outlawing poker is like the Volstead Act when they outlawed beer: people do it anyway.”

Wynn went on to say that at the moment it is impossible to predict the direction the industry will take, however, he is keeping a close eye on it. “I think it’s questionable whether Sheldon will be able to stop it, which is not to state he is wrong. I just think this sort of thing has a life of its own. I‘m neither a proponent nor opponent of it. I’m an observer of this process & the chairman of a publicly traded company in that is required to pay attention to such things.”

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