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California May Allow Online Poker Only

California May Allow Online Poker Only

The head of California’s Gambling Control Commission, Richard Schuetz, has predicted that only online poker may become legal in the state in the near future and not online casino gaming.

California May Allow Online Poker Only

The head of California’s Gambling Control Commission has predicted that online poker will become available in the state a long time ahead of online casino gaming.

Schuetz explained that online casino gaming may not yet be possible due to worries that it would take too much trade away from the tribal casino establishments across the state.
Shuetz also explained that the state is not interested in forming interstate compacts with neighbouring states at the moment due to the huge size of California’s population.
“We have 38 million people,” he said. “We’re the eighth largest economy in the world. We’re bigger than Canada, so it’s not a case like Nevada that has 2.7 million people. We have more poker tables in the state of California than every other state in the nation.”

Furthermore, Schuetz believes that residents of the state may have to wait a bit longer for online poker. When asked about the chances of legislation passing next year, he explained that it is unlikely as it is an election year. Nonetheless, the demand for online poker continues to grow and pressure from pro-poker groups may soon be strong enough to see a change, even as early as next year.

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