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Gamblers near New Jersey Borders May be Blocked

Gamblers near New Jersey Borders May be Blocked

New Jersey is so serious about making sure that people outside of the state borders can’t gamble online that the technology being used may actually block some of the state’s residents.

Gamblers near New Jersey Borders May be Blocked

The digital fence preventing people outside of New Jersey gambling will be set slightly inside the state’s borders and may prevent some residents from accessing gambling sites.

This Thursday a five-day test of online betting begins and technology companies working with the Atlantic City casinos said that they have intentionally set the digital fences slightly inside the edge of New Jersey’s borders.

This means that there will be some small no-play areas which gamblers will have to leave if they want to bet online. The size of the zones will vary and according to regulators someone who is shut out of one casino’s site may be able to access another.
The tech companies have chosen to be cautious in order to prevent the casinos from being punished for allowing unauthorized gamblers.

The director of New Jersey’s Division of Gaming Enforcement said, “Unfortunately for some people, there may not be sufficient verification that they are in New Jersey — even if they are — and they’ll be denied. It’s an unavoidable consequence.”

There is a similar no play zone in Nevada; however, New Jersey is more densely populated so it is likely to affect more residents.

OCA News Editor