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Will a Massachusetts Casino Ever Be Built

Will a Massachusetts Casino Ever Be Built

It has been two years since Massachusetts passed casino gambling legislation, however, it is still unclear whether it will result in any casinos being built in the state. The law allows for three casinos in various parts of the state, however, a combination of a harsh gaming commission and reluctant committees have delayed any progress.

Will a Massachusetts Casino Ever Be Built

Two years after legislation was passed to build casinos there is little to suggest that a casino will be built in the near future.

A number of neighborhoods have rejected the idea of having casinos built, just last week East Boston and Palmer both said no to casinos and a number of other towns stopped proposals before they reached the ballot.
However, there is still hope for a casino in Milford, the town of Everett has approved a Wynn casino and MGM won a vote in Springfield. On the other hand the Massachusetts Gaming Commission still needs to approve the operators and this looks like it may be problematic. Clyde Barrow, professor of public policy at UMass Dartmouth, said that both Wynn and MGM may be problematic as “both have issues with SEC investigations or issues in Macau that have been raised by other commissions.”

As the situation currently stands there are some casino operators which have been approved by the commission but had the proposals rejected by towns, and some who have been approved by towns but not yet the commission. At the current rate it could be many more years before Massachusetts gets its first casino.

OCA News Editor