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No Online Casino Games for Nevada

No Online Casino Games for Nevada

Nevada residents who were hoping that the state may legalize forms of online gambling other than poker are set to be disappointed. Recently the chairman of the Nevada Gaming Control Board, A. G. Burnett, said, “We’re only six months into poker. For now, we want to prove our poker first.”

No Online Casino Games for Nevada

The Nevada Gaming Control Board has said it has no plans to legalize online casino games.

Burnett thinks that the issue is likely to become confused as New Jersey, which is set to launch its first online gambling sites this month, has legalized slots and casino games as well as poker. However, Burnett was unrelenting saying, “Nevada is poker only. That was the legislative intent from the beginning and the board has no plans to do anything otherwise.”

However, the commission does play to request the governor of Nevada to sign interstate compacts. This will allow poker players in Nevada to play against players in other states and as a result increase liquidity.

There is some hope though for fans of casino games, William Horne, the leader of the assembly majority, said that the state’s interactive gambling law excludes sports and horse betting but not casino games. Therefore it is up to the gambling regulators to legalize online casino gambling.

OCA News Editor