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Karas Pleads Not Guilty to Blackjack Charges

Karas Pleads Not Guilty to Blackjack Charges

The Las Vegas gambler, Archie Karas, who was arrested for cheating at blackjack in a Southern California Indian casino, has reportedly been extradited to California and pleaded not guilty to charges brought against him.

Karas Pleads Not Guilty to Blackjack Charges

Archie Karas has pleaded not guilty to cheating at Blackjack at a California casino.

Karas was charged with burglary, winning by fraudulent means and cheating at a blackjack table. He is accused of putting “subtle, but distinguishable marks on the backs of playing cards” and as a result winning $8,000. If convicted he could face up to three years and eight months in prison.

Karas was arrested late last month in Nevada and he was held without bail while waiting for an extradition hearing.
This isn’t Karas’ first run in with gaming authorities, according to reports he has been arrested by Nevada gaming agents four times since 1988 for allegedly cheating at the state’s casinos.

A few years ago Karas was featured on ESPN’s World Series of Poker coverage. During the 1990’s he beat some of the game’s best players and won millions, in total he amassed around $40 million in gambling winnings, however, he went on to lose it all.

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