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Setback in New Jersey Sports Betting Battle

Setback in New Jersey Sports Betting Battle

Last week Governor Chris Christie’s plan to legalize sports gambling in New Jersey suffered another setback after the 3rd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals upheld an earlier ruling which makes sports betting illegal in the state.

Setback in New Jersey Sports Betting Battle

An appeal court has upheld an earlier ruling making sports betting illegal in New Jersey.

It is not clear what the state will do next. As only three judges heard the case the state can appeal the case before the full court. However, it is more likely that the state will appeal to the Supreme Court. Christie has already said that he will take the case to the Supreme Court if it becomes necessary.
In 2011 a referendum passed by voters in support of sports betting. This was followed by New Jersey lawmakers passing a law which allowed sports betting at horse race tracks and casinos in Atlantic City. The bill allowed betting on most NCAA games but banned bets on New Jersey universities sports or NCAA matches taking place in state.

However, a consortium of sporting organizations including the NCAA, MLB, NFL, NBA and NHL sued New Jersey. They argued that legalized betting may taint the games and lead to match fixing. The NCAA also reacted by moving some events outside of New Jersey, however, they were later brought back.

OCA News Editor