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Empire Global Gaming Patents New Super Roulette Game

Empire Global Gaming Patents New Super Roulette Game

Empire Global Gaming has announced that it has received a patent approval for its new class II & III proprietary casino game “Super Roulette”.

Empire Global Gaming Patents New Super Roulette Game

The new game can be played in many formats and has the potential for much higher pay outs than standard roulette.

The new game is simple and easy to play which the company hopes will inspire new interest in the classic game of roulette. The game comes in many formats such as traditional roulette wheel, a roulette card game and a pin wheel. Super Roulette can be played in 60, 61, 62, 63 or 64 number pattern layouts and can also be played using a multi-colour apparatus.

Single numbers pay out at 59 to 1, significantly higher than standard roulette. However, thanks to the large amount of numbers used in the game lower stakes tables are available.

Empire Global Gaming will now be hoping to licence the new games to online gaming companies across the US and the rest of the world. The company currently holds patents on 23 games with each patent broad enough to cover multiple variations of each game.

The Founder & President of Empire Global Gaming, Nicholas Sorge Sr. said he is “thrilled that we have created an exciting first and new one of a kind game(s) that will boost casino revenues. This is potentially the beginning of a new Era in Gaming.”

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